How To Pimp Up Your Myspace Profile

How To Pimp Up Your Myspace Profile

MySpace has become a huge community of individual people, a place where people can share information and pictures with friends and meet new people. People love to personalize their profile page. This is a reflection of who they are and the image they want to portray. Pimp MySpace provides different types of graphics and layouts to use with your home page or blog.

There are a few different types of graphics, with almost 5,000 unique choices. Animated gif’s are very popular. It’s amazing to watch these images come alive on your screen. These will help you Pimp MySpace. Choices include such unique looks as an angel with wings flapping, flowers dancing, and people running, jumping, dancing drinking or kissing. If you are a sports fan, you can display graphics from basketball, baseball, football, etc. Choose players in action or your favorite team. There are also racy graphics available which should be kept away from young children and teens. Potentially inappropriate graphics includes people simulating sex, and men and women in different stages of undressing.

Many of the graphics designs and text come in “glitter.” This brings the eye directly to these objects or words as you pimp your MySpace. Typically the text will be colorful and animated or moving. Graphics to choose from include a playboy bunny, butterfly and a birthday cake. Other exciting choices to bring attention to your MySpace bio or blog are falling objects such as dancing teddy bears, stars with hearts moving around them and flying tea pots. You can also use unique cursors while people are browsing your page such as ghosts, flags of your country or hearts.

A great way to pimp your MySpace is to choose a layout which attracts attention such as Paris Hilton. Other fun layouts are the Chicago skyline, Al Pacino, and a jaguar car. Any of these layouts with have your page stand out from the majority of MySpace bios or blogs.

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